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Reverb Round-up #1 - www.logofiasco.com

Reverb Round-up #1

The first of an occasional look at some recommended music, zines, podcasts and viewing for anyone with an interest in folklore, hauntology and the folk ...
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In Ancient Times - Ancient Sites in Cover Art - www.logofiasco.com

In Ancient Times

A look at standing stones and other ancient sites in cover art - featuring a top nine of some of the best examples.
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Mountains, New Towns and Other Moons

A whistle-stop tour of some of the best sights and sounds of 2023.
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Tales From Topographic Oceans - www.logofiasco.com

The Revealing Tides of Topographic Oceans

A celebration of the much un-celebrated 'Tales From Topographic Oceans', on the occasion of its 50th Birthday.
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Geordie Walker - www.logofiasco.com

Brighter Than A Thousand Suns

A tribute to the life and riffs of Killing Joke guitarist Geordie Walker, including 5 of the best.
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On The Breadcrumb Trail - Slint - www.logofiasco.com

On The Breadcrumb Trail

A look back at Slint's 1991 masterwork, 'Spiderland', with the help of Steve Albini's original Melody Maker review.
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